Designing & Planning of HT / LT Power System:

Electrical System Design calculations, Preparation of electrical single line diagrams, metering, protection and interlock schemes, Electrical Load Analysis, Identification of load center, Switchyard Layouts, Sub-station Designs and Electrical Equipment Layouts, Relay Co-ordination Schemes, Preparation of Power drawings and Cable routing networks for Sub-station, Utility area, Various production areas in the Plant Building, Cable tray and cable trench planning

Preparation of Cable Schedules

Designing of Emergency Power Supply System:

Designing of Diesel Generator ratings and Room Lay-outs, Emergency power Distribution schemes to feed Power to essential equipment, Manual or Auto changeover schemes for D.G. set and Electricity Board’s supply and associated Interlocking schemes

Designing of Power Factor Improvement System:

Designing of Capacitor requirements for the Electrical system
Automatic or Manual mode compensation as per the Project requirements

Designing of Earthing System:

Designing of Earthing system
Preparation of Earthing Layouts

Designing of Harmonics System

Harmonics Analysis, Harmonic studies & Active Harmonic Filter planning to keep Harmonics as per IEEE guidelines

Designing of Lightning Protection System:

Designing of Lightning Protection system
Preparation of Lightning Protection Layout.

Designing of Lighting System:

Design of Lighting system and Lux level calculations for various areas. Preparation of Lighting drawings, Design and distribution schemes for Lighting, Selection of Light fixtures. Preparation of Bills of Quantity. External Lighting system design. Emergency Lighting System design

Designing of Low Voltage & UPS System:

CCTV camera & Access Control System
Public Address & Music System
Telephone , TV and Networking System
Fire Detection & Alarm System
Nurse Calling System
UPS Power distribution Scheme

Cost Estimates:

Preparation of Preliminary and final cost estimates for supply and installation of the entire Electrical system

Designing of Tender Documents for Electrical System:

Preparation of Technical specifications for various Electrical equipment / material. Preparation of Technical specifications for Erection, testing and Commissioning of Electrical Works. Preparation of Bills of Quantity.